Amarlué arises from the idea to offer, in any type of event or meeting or social event, something that distinguishes it from the others, giving an elegant, innovative and ecological touch.
After organizing and conducting several events over the years, disposable tableware was something we always had in mind, but, that, given the limited supply in the market, ie fulfilled all the requirements for making the event a success, we never offered it.

It is for this reason that Amarlué born.

Amarlué aims to offer all customers the unique and stylish touch that is missing in the social outlook, saving economic costs , work costs and, above all, time.

The company philosophy is to rescue great works of great masters illustrators of the eighteenth and nineteenth century, in order to recover the art of the time and being able to revive him at the table, with each design. The idea of mixing, combining, ancient and modern (cardboard), is something that people would admire and praise in every event.